just the right pack

with the eurotrip honeymoon coming up, i’ve finally started my search for a backpack. the internet was not much help when it came to finding out what size i would need so off to the stores i went and the store was eastern mountain sports in soho

the backpack department is on the second floor toward the back and this is what it looked like….

me and my know-nothin’-about-backpacks brain went to mush so i started touching each bag that looked remotely pretty. i know, pathetic right? but if i didn’t know what type of bag was good for me, i should at least figure out what looked good 🙂

i guess my cluelessness was showing on the back of my head because a really nice store associate came to my rescue and offered to help. i started out by telling that i needed a pack that would fit two weeks worth of clothing and that i was 5’2″. the store associate, we’ll call him dave, brought out this odd contraption that basically looked like the frame of a backpack with little measurements on it. based on where my hip bones and the upper tip of my vertebrae, dave determined i was a size XS. my choices came down to two packs, the gregory women’s jade 50 backpack (one the left) and the deuter women’s act zero 45+15 backpack

… and yes, that little black bag is most likely coming with me on the trip. but i digress 🙂

back to the backpacks. evidently, in order to truly test out a bag, they have these weights that they can put in the bag and when dave asked if i wanted to try it with weights in, chan shouted all too happily “yes!” grrr… that punk.

in the weight bags go and i get a little really nervous…

the total weight was a mere 25 lbs so it wasn’t too bad. what was even more amazing was when Dave showed me how to strap the bag on. all of a sudden, it felt there wasn’t much on me. if you’re like me and lose your concentration when reading the instructions on how to properly fit your backpack, go to the store, and have it fitted… it’s definitely worth the trip.

To be honest, both bags were awesome. They were both comfortable, reasonably priced, and fit a good amount of space. But in the end, deuter won…

because the deuter is 45+15, it means that if I pack just the regular part of the bag, its size is still considered a carry-on. but say i buy souvenirs and need the extra space, it’s nice that the top part can expand and fit a bit more stuff. while fully pack, it wouldn’t be considered a carry on, it’s nice to know that i have the option to expand it and fit more.

more to come on what outfits i’ll be packing… now that part, i’m good at!



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