home improvement post #6

you know when you have that one thing you haven’t found a place for yet so it just sits there in the corner. well, right now, the whole apartment feels that way.

chan and i are recreational snowboarders. to be honest, i’ve been a snowboarder for quite some time but started actually getting better around 2004. prior to that, i was riding a board that my guy friend (who shall remain nameless) gave to me. i went with him and his dad for a day trip to wyndham mountain. i really wanted to learn and andy (damn it… said his name) said he’d teach me. he showed me how to strap on the bindings, showed me what bindings are, and we got on the lift. it was a long ride and it really started to get me nervous. hey andy, are we on an easy mountain? i can’t believe i still remember this but he said “yeah, we’re on an easy diamond mountain.” ass. suffice to say, i fell… a lot. no no, i take that back. i didn’t fall, i tumbled down the mountain. hell, i didn’t even know how to get off the chairlift and andy had to pry me off because all i saw ahead of me was this giant drop of a cliff (i might be exaggerating there). anywho, years passed by and i wasn’t getting any better. i really thought that i just sucked at snowboarding and would never get it.
that is of course, til i went riding with my girlfriend, rika. one day, because i didn’t have my board, i rented one. the dude picked a board based on my height and lo and behold, that board was significantly smaller than the one i’d been using. i curse that andy everytime i think about all those years i spent falling and tumbling. curse him.

thanks to rika, i purchased a new board some years ago and have been improving ever since. she’s the best buddy ever! and now that chan and i live together, we wanted to figure out a nice place where we could keep our boards instead of looking like this…

i’ve searched high and low and didn’t really find any hooks or systems that i thought would look good on our walls. DIY simply was the way to go and we used a tutorial from apartment therapy

all you need is:
– four screws
– four old wine corks… which i got from my collection šŸ˜‰
– drill
– hammer
all the items needed were already in the house so total cost: $0.
cut the corks in half, drill a hole in the wall, then screw in the corks as much as you can.
here’s a shot from the bottom..
and now with the boards…

-sigh- much better…

if you’ll notice in the background of the last pic, there’s some new stuff hung up in the foyer. tons of experimenting happening up in here!



5 Replies to “home improvement post #6”

    1. thanks fran! i’ve updated the blog with the link. felt kind of uneasy not to give credit where credit was due. and i totally understand len buying the hooks but i liked that with the corks, the board lays super flat on the wall with no protruding hooks. the bindings will probably be hooked up above but it won’t be where people will constantly walk past it.

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