learning and taking photos…

over the past couple of years, my style of photography has evolved… a lot. it’s not to say i consider myself up there, no no… i like where i am but i’m always striving to become a better photographer. countless nights are spent reading the many blogs i’ve subscribed to on google reader and though i usually regret it in the morning (with them nasty bags under my eyes… ew), when it comes to game time, i love knowing that one of those nights, i learned how to do a little panning.  fancy term, huh?

i’ve been getting e-mails with questions and to those who have sent them… thank you. i started this blog to sort of document my progress into creating this business of mine, but if it’s helping others too… well that’s just the cherry on top.

basic learning: while the internet helped me intensely when first starting out as a photographer, it was keeping up that helped me grow. the idea that there’s an endless amount of techniques out there and i wanted ney, needed to learn it all. it was insanity, a down right obsession, really. it’d start with a curiosity to make the background blurry and subject sharp. who knew there was a word for it?? i learned about it on pioneer woman’s blog and loved it. in fact, i became addicted. large aperture (low number in the f stop… ex: f1.2) and keeping the speed fast meant that i’d have super sharp objects, then blurry backgrounds. the effect is called bokeh and the method is called high depth of field. like this…
settings: aperture: f1.2 (how large the shutter opens) and shutter speed 1/5000th of a second (the time the shutter will be opened thereby controlling the amount of light coming in). ISO 250, AWB, RAW.

i must admit, i took one shot of this and loved it. i probably should’ve taken two more shots just in case but shooting in RAW allows me to adjust the lighting quite easily but realistically, this was an accidental shot. sure, i told my beautiful bride to put her hand on her new husband’s lapel, but they leaned in and went for the kiss. why? because they just said “i do.” sigh… love.

but then came situations where i wanted some movement. remember that panning thingy i was talking about? according to digital photography school, panning is when you follow or pan your camera along in time with the moving subject and end up getting a relatively sharp subject but a blurred background. i never thought i’d need this method in weddings but more on the streets. sounds like mumbo jumbo? well, it looks a little something like this…
settings:  aperture: f/3.2, shutter speed: 1/4, ISO 160, AWB, RAW, flash bounced off the ceiling. photo from J + J’s wedding at the plaza.

ever have those moments when you have an idea in your mind but don’t know how to execute it? i have, and it’s moments like these that i’m glad i knew i’ve read up on it and practiced. the traditional romanian singer began to perform and slowly but surely the guests started coming up to the dance floor and started circle dancing. in order to catch the moment, i knew i needed to find a spot, steady myself (inhaling and holding your breath usually does the trick), and slow it down… i practiced on the streets, capturing nyc cabs.

practiced a lot… and to push myself, i like submitting photos in contests. i’ve never won but someday. my photo has even gotten featured on the gothamist.

here are the blogs i like submitting photos to:
digital photography school
i heart faces
pioneer woman

and blogs i like to read for learning:
bobby earle (especially great for tilt-shift lens tutorials and wide open spaces)
jasmine star (reminding me to make. it. work. so fab…)
melissa jill (her off-camera tutorials were amazingly detailed. detailed like whoa…)

and blogs that kick my butt and push me to become a better photographer:
anne kuperberg
jose villa
photorange blog (anjuli pushes me to be a better blogger)
sara rhoads
todd laffler
trevor hoehne

i’ve got tons more blogs i follow but didn’t want to overwhelm y’all.
i hope this helped… happy tuesday 🙂



6 Replies to “learning and taking photos…”

  1. Great post. Sometimes trying to learn/teach yourself something you love can be overwhelming. I love how you break it down to what everything in life is truly about… practice, practice, practice.
    Thanks for all the blogs, can’t wait to check them out for inspiration 🙂

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