sunday love

the clouds, the cool air, the mellow sunday… i remind myself i am surrounded by the people i love, i have chosen to live without the people that donot bring happiness in my life, and that every day is a gift that i can choose to live up to the fullest, or just get by…

it’s weird but i remember this day 10 years ago with precise detail. and since that day, if i told you i never took a day for granted… well, that would be an absolute lie. but i try… i try to remind myself. and when i do, it brings a smile to my face. because i am lucky, i am loved, and most of all, i am free to chose how i want to live each day.

however way you’re spending this day, i hope you enjoy your sunday.

and because love me some instagrams, here’s a shot of what i made for sunday brunch…








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