cooling down to fall…

With the exception of the purchase of a dress to attend a wedding here and there, I haven’t done actual good retail therapy in some time. You see, everytime I look at my closet, I’m ridden with this feeling of ridiculous guilt and disguise. Why is it that my closet is full and yet I always feel like I have nothing to wear? Surely I’m not alone on this…

Fashion Week is here in New York and while all the designers are showcasing their designs for Spring 2012, the streets are booming with sneak peaks of this fall’s fashion trends. Long skirts, knee-high boots, pretty shawls… i love fashion week.

Thanks to my buddy Marilyn, I got a chance to sit at my first front row seats at a fashion show. I can’t even begin to tell you what type of flips my insides were doing… it was magnificent. The ushers kept shooing the people who trying to sneak in and sit in the front row, but Marilyn and I… no, no… we were supposed to be there… legit.

For the show, I wore my Rebecca Minkoff dress that looked similar to this and my nude Christian Louboutin Simple Pump. While I totally forgot to take a photo of it, here are some pics from this week…

Oh yeah, that last pic, it’s a September issue signed by Ms. Anna Wintour herself. Thank you to my friend Daisy for that… I couldn’t stop squealing.

On the huge list of things to do at home, I suppose a good project to start up soon is really look into my wardrobe and see what I can donate. Though I may not be into my clothes right now, surely someone out there might…

And now if only I could convince the mister into converting the living room into a walk-in closet….



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