NYC Engagement: Mara + Paul

Mara and Paul love two things: Yankees and… each other. While I’m not too sure how the met or how their relationship began, I do know this… they’re crazy about each other. At the end of our shoot, Mara and Paul invited me over for fajitas. Paul said he had marinated enough for all of us and I was smitten. Besides being able to eat a kick-ass meal, I got a chance to see what Mara and Paul were like in their humble abode. It wasn’t the obvious love for one another that got me all gushy inside, no. It was their friendship. When you’ve found somebody you love and know that you want to spend the rest of your lives together, you’re lucky. But when you’ve found someone you can totally cherish and wholeheartedly respect, well then you’re just blessed.

We started at their home and then to Madison Square Park, taking over Midtown Manhattan, one photo at a time.






And last but not least, my favorite pic of the day…


So happy for you both! Congratulations on the engagement!



4 Replies to “NYC Engagement: Mara + Paul”

  1. What a beautiful couple. I LOVE their smiles. And their love. It just sort of shines through. : )

    The fact that he is a master fajita maker…well, that just throws them over the top : ) Wishing them every happiness.

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