NYC Engagement: Christine and Connor

Christine and Connor were a delight from the start. While planning their engagement session, Christine and I bonded over what most girls can spend hours chatting about… shoes. We discussed outfits, thoughtfully anticipating any cold or wetness these late months bring like a good girl scout. The weeks before brought massive amounts of rain, gusting winds, hell… hurricane Irene swung by… but just like that, gorgeous weather made a pit stop in Manhattan. It was gorgeous! I mean 75 degrees, no humidity, skies with little patches of stunning clouds… perfect. While I know the Flatiron District like the back of my hand, I showed up 45 minutes early anyway… just to look for that angle I just didn’t see before. As I was walking around, I get a little buzz. It’s Christine and Connor, and they’re early. Now here’s the thing… I take lots of things personal. Like a client on time, isn’t simply that they’re good at timing their commute, it means to me that they respect me, cherish my time, and are eager to get the best photographs possible. Clients that are early… make my insides swoon with glee.

And so we began by the Flatiron building…

This next photo was taken through Gwyneth’s Full Cup Installation. Check it out sometime…

That outfit… not exatly the one we planned for weeks, but was most certainly gorge. That silk sheath dress with those blue Christian Louboutins… sigh.

We jumped in a cab to head over to the Highline.

And last but not least, my favorite…

– astami


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