nyc engagement: beverly + mike

originally from sunny florida, beverly and mike recently moved up to nyc. with the odd weather we’ve been having in the city, the leaves were not turning as they usually do. i felt bad because out of many fun emails back and forth, that was the one part beverly wanted to capture. the lack of foliage pushed me even more to make sure this was going to be a shoot for them to remember.
they were engaged, they were happy, and they were in love…
based on just how much fun we had, i’d say… that was more than enough.

we started by astoria park in well, astoria queens…

then we headed over to gantry plaza state park in LIC…

the gantry plaza state park in long island city is such a harmonious juxtaposition of the industrial and nature, urban and rural, the organized chaos of city life and the calm breeze in the park… i could shoot here all day.

this last shot was especially my fave because it was a product of hard work and lots of discussions of what beverly envisioned the shoot to be. beverly knew she wanted a sunset shot. we set up a timeline and really stuck to it. nothin’ like a natural sun glare…



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