Hello weekend!

Last night I had a date. Not with the hubs but my super awesome girlfriend. I love that girls can say that… “girlfriend.” It’s a fun play on words. Sure, she’s my friend, who is a girl but boy, oh boy, is she way more than that. She catches me with her words when I’m falling and laughs with me when times are good. Our conversations go all over the world from career choices, old crushes, to dreams and hopes. Love comes in all shapes and sizes… it’s knowing how to accept and learn that you deserve it… that’s the challenge. Her kindness inspires and calms me.  I lurrrrrve her 🙂

If you’re in the areas in the US that’s getting blanketed with beautiful white snow, take it in… it’ll be over before you know it.

And just because… here’s a random photo of love. Have a lovely weekend!

photo (1)**edited by vsco


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