NYC Engagement: Addy + Ken

Addy and Ken were super chill right from the start. Addy is originally from Oklahoma but clearly has made New York her second home. We talked about our favorite spots around the city and how there is so much to do… it was basically a day of non-stop chatting with a camera in hand. Ken, an avid skier, would like to one day take Addy on the slopes but she sees herself more as a chilling-by-the-fire-with-a-cup-of-hot-chocolate kind of gal. Originally our plan was to go to a couple of places around the city. But when it snowed so elegantly here in NYC, we decided to take full advantage and capture their engagement shoot solely in Central Park. We had so much fun in the fluffy snow, who knows… maybe one day Addy just might step into some ski boots. But for now, she’ll just stick to super cute boots and a sparkly coat (courtesy of her awesome mom with great taste).


So much fun! I love love. If you’re interested, please stop by our facebook page for more photos.

To Addy and Ken, wishing you two a lifetime of happiness.

Have a nice week everyone!



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