City Hall

A couple of years ago, I went to City Hall with my buddy Chan and we got hitched. April 1st. How would we ever forget that anniversary date 🙂 What started out as a gathering of just our parents and siblings ended up getting bigger and bigger and before we knew it, there were about 30 people. Any excuse to party, am I right?

The process was super quick… I guess we were the only ones to think getting married on April Fools Day was funny in a fun way. Which brings me to this… How do you pick a date to get married at City Hall? The answer… when you want. This day is so free, so chill… stressing over it simply is not worth it. That’s not to say we didn’t take it seriously. We planned, coordinated with our family (who informed the wedding crashers haha), and went with the flow. It’s City Hall for crying out loud… have fun!

And here’s a photo by the lovely Julia Azcona

City_Hall_Astami_Photos_BlogHappy planning!




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