NYC Engagement: Shelly + Kevin

Shelly + Kevin
Lower East Side Residents
Buckeyes At Heart




Governors Island Engagement Shoot: Miranda + Matt

At 10am, Miranda, her fiancé Matt, and I boarded on the first ferry of the day to Governor’s Island from downtown Manhattan. It’s one of their favorite spots in the city and it’s easy to see why. With the surrounding water, the beautiful tree lined walkways, and no cars… you get hit by a feeling of almost instant relaxation.

Miranda and Matt… can’t wait for your big day!





NYC Engagement: Sally + Landis

It’s not everyday that I get an inquiry from a guy. Most of my inquiries are from super gnarly ladies. So when Landis first contacted me, I swooned. Swooned not because he was asking me to document his proposal… I swooned because I could hear/feel/read how smitten he was. The man was in love. Hard. He told me of his soon-to-be fiancé, Sally, and it took all my might to act oh so cool in my email. “Yeah, definitely… I’m available and would be honored to photograph your proposal.” What I actually was thinking was “oh my goodness, oh my goodness. You totally get sweetest guy award and I love you and Sally already!” The first response was better right? Yeah, I thought so too.

Then came the day of the shoot… a chill Saturday with a slight overcast. We met up in the West Village and just before we began, Landis told me “I proposed last night. It just felt right.” And just like that, our session went from portrait session/proposal to engagement session. Life is funny like that. A person suddenly feels like half of your whole, moments “feel right”… and all seems good in the world.

To happiness and following your gut feeling…


To see more of Sally and Landis’s engagement photos, feel free to check out our facebook page. and ooh, ooh… here’s their Pass Gallery.


NYC Engagement: Addy + Ken

Addy and Ken were super chill right from the start. Addy is originally from Oklahoma but clearly has made New York her second home. We talked about our favorite spots around the city and how there is so much to do… it was basically a day of non-stop chatting with a camera in hand. Ken, an avid skier, would like to one day take Addy on the slopes but she sees herself more as a chilling-by-the-fire-with-a-cup-of-hot-chocolate kind of gal. Originally our plan was to go to a couple of places around the city. But when it snowed so elegantly here in NYC, we decided to take full advantage and capture their engagement shoot solely in Central Park. We had so much fun in the fluffy snow, who knows… maybe one day Addy just might step into some ski boots. But for now, she’ll just stick to super cute boots and a sparkly coat (courtesy of her awesome mom with great taste).


So much fun! I love love. If you’re interested, please stop by our facebook page for more photos.

To Addy and Ken, wishing you two a lifetime of happiness.

Have a nice week everyone!


NYC Engagement: Anabelle + Cheo

My first post in a long time but boy does it feel good. It’s been a crazy busy year and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My awesome husband keeps me oh-so-sane (when he’s not driving me nuts himself) and for the first time in a long time… I feel like writing again. Blogging isn’t easy, and if anyone ever tells you it is, wish them writer’s block (I kid… I kid). Photography comes slightly more natural to me, writing… let’s just say my inspiration plays hide and seek with me, and boy is she tricky.

But on to a new year with the awesomest of awesome clients, plans of travels, and new adventures. First on the list, Anabelle and Cheo 🙂

Anabelle and I first began discussing the details of her engagement shoot with her fiancé, Cheo, early December. “Snow” she said… a snowy engagement session was all she wanted. I must admit, I cringed a little. Not because of the idea of snow, no… I LOVE snow. I cringed at the thought of not being able to give a client what she wanted. I told her I promised… promised to cross my fingers and toes and wish really, really hard for a white day. Because whether it’s a clear day, raining, or snowing… if it is safe, I will shoot. And I totally get it. Snow is so darn romantic! The snuggling, the hot cocoa, the blankets… swoon! Alas, after all is said and done, snow is simply something that can only be left to fate. And so we began brainstorming. We talked about locations, we joked about the slim line between urban art and down right ghetto spots, and most fun of all… we discussed outfits. Anabelle sent me numerous outfits, some styled by her, others by her talented friend, Suzy. The weather was relatively cool and she had outfits planned accordingly. In the end, we did two shoots… and Ms. Anabelle got the snow she wanted. It was simply meant to be…

NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 001NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 002NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 011NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 003 NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 004 NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 005NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 013NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 012NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 009NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 008 NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 007 NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 006 NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 010NYC Engagement Anabelle and Cheo 001of3

For more photos, please visit our facebook page.

Anabelle and Cheo, can’t wait for your destination wedding! I’m definitely going to brush up on my español!


nyc engagement: beverly + mike

originally from sunny florida, beverly and mike recently moved up to nyc. with the odd weather we’ve been having in the city, the leaves were not turning as they usually do. i felt bad because out of many fun emails back and forth, that was the one part beverly wanted to capture. the lack of foliage pushed me even more to make sure this was going to be a shoot for them to remember.
they were engaged, they were happy, and they were in love…
based on just how much fun we had, i’d say… that was more than enough.

we started by astoria park in well, astoria queens…

then we headed over to gantry plaza state park in LIC…

the gantry plaza state park in long island city is such a harmonious juxtaposition of the industrial and nature, urban and rural, the organized chaos of city life and the calm breeze in the park… i could shoot here all day.

this last shot was especially my fave because it was a product of hard work and lots of discussions of what beverly envisioned the shoot to be. beverly knew she wanted a sunset shot. we set up a timeline and really stuck to it. nothin’ like a natural sun glare…