NYC City Hall Wedding: Miranda + Matt

Miranda + Matt
City Hall, NYC









Raphael Vineyard Wedding: Meghan and Sebastian

Meghan and Sebastian got married at the Raphael Vineyard in Long Island, NY. I have to be honest with you… I had no idea there were vineyards in Long Island. Now I can’t get enough of them. The day was slightly chilly and the vines were bare, but it was nice to see the lines of soon to be life… trees, hibernating… awaiting to be fruitful. The day was filled with love and laughter and of course… lots of wine!

NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-3NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-4NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-5NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-6NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-8NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-9NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-10NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-11NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-12NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-14NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-15NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-16NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-17NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-18NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-19NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-20NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-21NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-22NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-23NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-24NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-25NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-26NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-27NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-29NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-30 My very favorite of the day…

NYC_Raphael_Vineyard_Wedding_Meghan_and_Sebastian-28 Meghan and Sebastian… congratulations!


NYC Wedding: Maya + Steve

On Maya and Steve’s big day, Maya and her bridesmaids got ready at Bergdorf Goodman. Yes… the Bergdorf Goodman. It was elegant and fun, fashionably appropriate for the bride who wore Vera Wang.

Maya and Steve opted for the first look to happen just outside Bergdorf. An entire crowd waited to see and it was instantly a New York moment.


We headed over to DUMBO for some quick photos on the carousel and by the Brooklyn Bridge. There was snow on the ground and it was absolutely dreamy…


The ceremony and reception was held at Shaare Zion in Brooklyn and it was such a blast!

NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-3NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-16NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-17NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-18NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-19NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-20NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-4NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-26NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-28NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-27NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-29NYC_Wedding_Maya_and_Steve-32And now my favorite photo of the evening…


Steve and Maya… LChaim.


New York Wedding: J + J at the Plaza

wedding at the plaza? the plaza? i almost melted inside upon hearing this but tis true. one beautiful couple had their amazing reception at one of the most beautiful venues in new york city and it truly looked like a fairy tale wedding.

prior to the reception, we had some time to take some portraits in central park, just across the street…

and the shoes, oh the shoes! exquisite bejeweled giuseppe zanotti with a little lucky penny underneath…

the breathtaking venue…

i mean really… these centerpieces were to die for!

as they entered the floor for their first dance, it was obvious, how much love was in the air. the friends, the family… absolute joyous love.

the dance with their parents…

now here’s one i’ve never seen before. they had a woman from romania perform. her voice was amazing but the best part… it was clearly a cue for everyone to get up and start the circle dance. love it!

happy tuesday!